Provisional registration

Good at the basics, broad in development

The motto of public elementary school Joseph Haydn is: ‘Good at the basics, broad in development’. Our activities focus on providing quality education in an atmosphere of mutual respect, appreciation and tolerance.

It’s important to us that students feel safe and at home at our school. We strive to instill these basic skills, attitude and knowledge in our students, that enable them to fully participate in their own way and actively shape a dynamic and democratic society.

Do you want to register your child at obs Joseph Haydn?

You will find the provisional registration form at the bottom of this page. By returning this provisional form to you will let us know that you are interested in the Haydnschool.

You then make an appointment for an intake and a guided tour when your child is three years old by e-mailing the principal: After the intake you can finalize the registration.

When it concerns a student that starts in the middle of the schoolyear due to moving? Please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to the principal: